"Mama does everything for the baby and in response his first words are Dada"

Mignon Mc Claughlin

Gallery Dada is situated in the middle of green nature. The V-shaped building from the 70s used to be a sports medical swimming pool. ‘A corner is literally missing and that is very funny, says Trees De Bruyne, ‘which for me is one of the most important criteria when it comes to selecting works of art’. Many locals have learnt to swim or have taken sport medical tests here. Everyone is welcome to visit, even if it’s just to discover what it looks like now. ‘That curiosity is perfect, because accessibility is very important’, opines Trees De Bruyne


"The character of a person is known by the way he spends his time when he has nothing to do"
Dada J.P Vaswani

 Gallery Dada wants to be more than a display window for visual art. By combining visual art with soundscapes, video, poetry, music, performances or other art forms, we wish to provide the visitor with a total experience, constructed around themes. 

In an ideal world, Gallery Dada will become a meeting place to freely exchange ideas. That’s why we’re looking for artists that have an unstoppable desire to create, artists with a vision or an opinion. But the work remains the most important thing. If it doesn’t

"Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours for they teach us to see the world thru different eyes."
Jacob Nordby 

* Foto copyright Luk Monsaert