Els van der Leede

Els van der Leede was born in Tienen, but has been living in Beringen for some time now. She has already done various expositions in the Netherlands with strong visual work in polyester and other synthetic resins. ‘Technical competency is not enough‘, says Els. Only in creativity one recognises a fully-fledged artist. Art requires boldness and vision.‘ And that’s what one feels in her work. Meanwhile, Els experiments further with different materials such as silk and porcelain to create a more fragile image.

Tom Cech

Tom Cech is no stranger in our region, and with one of his works, ‘Apathy‘, he has a permanent presence in the city park of Leuven. As a young student, he stayed in Paramaribo for 3 months and, besides experimenting with mixed media, he likes to work with children. His visual art is captivating, it literally stares you in the eyes and remains etched on the retina. Tom is a thinker, and with his work he has a clear message in mind. ‘You don’t walk gently into that good night’. However, he leaves it up to the viewer to create their own story. 


Ann Schiltz

Ann Schiltz is a very versatile  artist. After a successful career in the fashion industry she decide to totally focus on her passion for art. Ceramics is her main focus but then again she is experimenting with porcelain and with her passion for poetry her first hand made poetry book was launched last year.  She is driven by what's happening in society and touched by music, nature and silence. She has a great sense for humour and always on the look out for sometimes far fetched simplicity.

Free Pectoor

Expect the unexpected totally makes sense with artist Free Pectoor.  After a career in the publicity world he took matters in his own hands. Finding a spot at Nucleo an artists center in Ghent his career really took a kickstart. He is truly a passionate artist and if you have the change to meet him in person you'll be even more touched by his visionary insights. An artist you have to follow closely because what is happening today might not be what you'll see tomorrow. 
Click here to watch a video made in collaboration with Trees De Bruyne.


Andy Imbrechts

Andy Imbrechts is born in 1987 and is a young designer located in Leuven, Belgium, who in 2013 got graduated in fashion at Stedelijke academie Sint-Niklaas (SASK), after studying styling in Antwerp. He gets his inspirations from his personal drawings and illustrations which he translates in wearable menswear, together with a sense of nostalgia for his old children clothes, which he revisits in order to bring them to couture.His final collection for SASK is called “Wonders”, and it draws inspiration from central Asia, in particular Afghanistan, mixing together patterns, embroideries, tight pants contrasting with oversized tops and jackets that create a contemporary play of volumes and surfaces.With a strong passion for illustration and a heart for prints Andy Imbrechts tries to translate his personal work into a wearable menswear. 'I'm trying to lok at things differently, use them in other ways, translate them into something new, give them shape, wear them.

Dirk Boulanger

Dirk Boulanger is born in 1965 and lives and works in Holsbeek. This no nonsense artist has a passion for music and his guitar is never far away. Figurative and strong dominant colours are the basic for his work. Deformed, slightly grotesque faces and strange figures are coming to live by the use of vibrant colours.  Some might feel this is art brute or outsider art but we feel this might feel more medieval or even mythical. He is a devoted teacher of the fine arts and his students really adore him for pushing them to excel. Also his wife has a passion for art and teaches art history. Her passion for poetry is sometimes the inspiration for the artworks of Dirk.

Hildegarde Handsaeme

Born in Kortrijk 1958 Belgium Hildegarde resides and works in Terlanen (S.E. of Brussels) . With an articulate preference for the figure and the nature of woman she went the self-teaching way in the plastic art form . The sensitive approach of this theme remains her source of inspiration which is utterly inexhaustible . The recognition of her artistic plastic language was a fact a couple of years ago when she obtained the third international prize for painting in Libramont . Hildegarde Handsaeme paints mainly women and follows a harmonic and constructively perfect pattern . The figure in itself is dominating but she knows how to put it the right surroundings where nature and cosmos play a symbolic part . With a set of straight lines she builds a mysterial haze of inner feelings on the canvas in a simple but penetrative way . She does not call for hallucinating images bet lets herself go with sensitivity guided by an unfailing intuition . Even when the figures at first sight seem distant they point to a certain duality and yet her usage of colours express a honest alliance between the data and the deeper thoughts .Simply and honestly Hildegarde gives us the message of love and tenderness which should be shown to each individual . In a pictural equilibrated and harmonic way she knows how to remind us of the glamorous intuition of woman . (F. De B. 1997)

Celle Van Haverbeke

Born in Bruges September 15, 1950. Celle lives in Antwerp since 1963. The roots of the artistic side is found in the family. Both grandfather and father were indeed interior decorators. Both painted with oil on canvas as a hobby and in the studio of dad, Celle was inquisitive and helpful. The final artistic education took place in the Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts in Antwerp. Immediately after the program starts Celle as a graphic designer. During that period he also specialized in silkscreen on weekends education in Utrecht. He grew up by art director in various communications and advertising agencies. Later in his career put Celle focus more on the production of the advertising medium which he constantly faced with color, many "Bon a tirer" on the printing presses. Celle is open to all art forms, but he remains a big fan of the artists who took glory in the years 60-70, including Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Nikki de St Phalle, Tinguely, Klein .... and Vic Gentils, Raveel, Bogart, Alechinsky ... But even today he continues to exhibitions and museums for inspiration, eg Bruno Vekemans. Celle's work are snapshots in bright flat colors which man always central. Much detail is eliminated. Everyday images in a "Pop art" look achieved through own inspired "silkscreen" technique.